Deja vu get Rutten in!

First of all people my PC has died on me so you are going to have to put up with ugly posts for a while until it’s sorted lol.

Anyway as much as people want Allardyce gone as of now I think they are waiting until after the Sunderland game, it’s going to be a Jol moment all over again.

I can see Sunderland turning up and turning us over or getting a draw and then Allardyce getting his marching orders, personally I think they need to get rid of him now and place a new guy in charge to get a confidence building win to take us through to a shaky Man U which is now looking like a team that can be turned over.

Who next? Well the worst they could do is get Mel who actually has a terrible managerial record, check him out. Basically he has one good season then one really bad which tells me he is another one trick pony like Allardyce bereft of ideas when the shit hits the fan.

Personally I don’t think we could do any worse then Dutch coach Fred Rutten and as far as I know he is look for a job and at every team he has managed has has had a good win ratio but I dont think the two clowns running our club would be smart enough to get someone in like him.

If they go for Mel we will be down within two seasons if we go for Rutten we will be a middle of the table Premier league side, I know what I’d prefer……

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21 thoughts on “Deja vu get Rutten in!

  1. You fail to mention that Pel had no say when the board sold all their top players strikers included, any manager would struggle in that situation, don’t give one half of the story, give the whole picture. Whoever takes over at west ham will have a mountain to climb. Club is run by 2 stupid fools who are deluded, west ham is a small club.

    • I’m not just talking about his last job Jon…I suppose we all have our own ideas about the best man for the job, we all know it isnt Allardyce but for me it’s Rutten because his stats are better and he can get the best out of a team with limited money and very youth orientated.

    • To be fair its one idiot and a stuck up bitch who prefers to feather her own nest fiddling around with her best buddy Dave in China while Upton Park burns. Meanwhile Gold is left powerless as the doddery old front man offering us platitudes he has little or no say in. As for mini Sulli don’t get me started on him with his delusionary gumf about it all being fine once Carroll is back or some illusionary striker is signed with no irony at all as if Summer never happened.

      • Little Sullivan was on Twitter saying the club wasn’t interested in Gary Hooper because they were aiming for a higher quality striker…..that was in the summer and we then signed a winger and Carlton OH THE COMEDY FACTOR IN IT ALL!

  2. Yesterday, lets be honest no one expected us to get anything out of Liverpool especially the they’re playing. I agree if we get anything less than 3 points from Sunderland he’s got to go! I’d prefer Di Matteo because he did NOTHING wrong at Chelski bar winning the Champions league yet because they had a couple of not so good results they sacked him which forgive me Im wrong is no different to the special one right now! He’s got PL experience and fresh ideas

    • Would be pleased with that appointment (Di Matteo) he did okay even before Chelsea, but doubt we could afford him after the board have paid up BFS’s contract – which must be the only stumbling block preventing them from cutting the clown loose – I could have managed the side that got promoted from the Championship. I just don’t get why he doesn’t give one of the youngsters a go up front – at least he’d have the excuse that we have loads of injuries and having to play youth players etc…..Lee has got to be better than Maiga surely ?????

      • The whole thing is a complete shambles, BFS has a terrible eye when it comes transfers, the owners are dithering once more, the confidence is now gone and all the teams around us are picking up points. Nolan should be relinquished of his captaincy after laughing at a perfectly justifiable red card and given to Noble and personally I think lleget, Lee and tombidas should all get a run out now. Do we have any decent kids that can fill our defence?

  3. we need changes from owners manager & players as we play same way week in week out its boring & not the West Ham way to much dead wood that needs to go ie Jussi Demel Rat Macartney Taylor & defo Nolan none of these want to make you want to go to games. we need a big cash injection in jan & don’t have bfs nowhere near it id take RDM over BFS anyday hes young & not 1 dementional

  4. I think RDM would be the number one choice for any club with a vacant manager position. The problem is that he is still getting paid £130k pw by Chelski. I’m guessing that if he gets a new managers job (which will be less than £130k pw) those payments from Chelski will stop. As for youth, we are obviously doing something right because we are top of the development league. Chambers and Potts are probably our best defender prospects, although Potts is out on loan at the moment. Playing a youth player is only a win win situation. You get 100% work rate from the player because he is so eager to impress and you get a first team player sat on the bench wanting to try harder to win his place back. Experience wise we might not be in the strongest position to win the game but we aren’t winning at the minute anyway! It can’t hurt to try something different. Look at the youth that’s made a difference this season: Januzaj at Man Utd, Barkley at Everton, Berahino at West Brom, Ravel (arguably our best player this season and certainly the most creative and exciting to watch). Drop the deadwood Demel, Nolan, Maiga, Jarvis, and give the youth a chance.

  5. Its risky but if they do get rid of BFS is it worth takin a punt on Di Canio on a temporary/trial basis, lets face it he cant do any bloody worsecan he? He might put abit of fight in ‘em and may have a few creative ideas, this could just my heart talking, like to know what ya think though?

  6. There more worried about that stupid stadium. That’s why they made up excuses aswhy tthey couldn’t spend for more top talent. What about Roberto De mitao? I think I spelt that wrong. There at least 5 worthless players we need to get rid of with allerdyce or we are gonna be in a big as stupid stadium while playing in the championship.

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