Back in November I predicted…

Chelsea (H) – 1 (0)
Fulham (H) – 3 (3)
C Palace (A) – 1 (0)
Liverpool (A) – 0 (0)
Sunderland (H) – 1
Man U (A) – 0
Arsenal (H) – 0
WBA (H) – 3

I said that by the WBA game we would have around 19pts, so how am I doing? Remember I also said I was being generous with my predictions:

Well I got the Chelsea one wrong, Fulham one right, Palace one wrong and Liverpool one right 2/4 but more worrying is that as it stands we are going to be on 17pts(ish) before the transfer window opens. We have only managed 3 wins in 15 games up to now so basically to stay up we are going to have find 7 wins from somewhere between now and May which doesn’t sound a lot but when you consider we have only managed 3 wins up to now it’s going to be tough!

I think the club already knows this but a lot of spending is going to have to be made in January to get us out of this shit. I reckon we need to offload Carlton and Petric and try and get two strikers in on top of Carroll that can actually score goals and we are going to have to do something in defence as well.

Out the door




Linda or O’Brien

and if we can get half of what we paid get rid of Jarvis as well, stick Downing on the left and Vaz Te on the right. Try and get a versatile defender in (a tall order in January) leave the midfield as it is apart from Jarvis and get two of Ba, Defoe, Jelavic or any other tosser that can stick the ball in the back of the old onion bag!

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11 thoughts on “Back in November I predicted…

  1. Need to see a change and Allardyce and the Davids need to be harsher on who plays.


    O’Brien (workhorse but pretty average)
    Taylor (was good but past it now)
    Nolan (horrible this season)
    Jarvis (only for a decent fee)
    Carlton (too old and past his best)
    Petric (a nothing player)
    Maïga (provided we get a decent replacement)

  2. Get rid of
    o’brien (average)
    c cole (way passed his best)
    Petric (who is he? He’s done fuck all!!)
    Taylor (belongs in a museum)
    Maiga (cant cut it in the Prem)
    Get in
    Defoe (love him or hate him he scores)
    Jelavic (needs a change to get confidence back)
    Gomis (give him a shot, but we need to offload first)
    A decent CB nit sure who’ll be available

  3. In
    Zaha or Sterling (Loan)
    Michael Keane (If he doesn’t extend his loan at Derby County)

    That should give us goals up front, pace down the wings, and a young energetic goal scoring defender.

    C Cole
    Big Sam
    David Gold
    David Sullivan
    Karen Brady

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